The 49ers Look to Replace Ingredients in Their Golden Recipe: Crab Instead of Rice, But Crab May Not be The Right Ingredient

Post date: Sep 14, 2010 7:33:16 PM

2010 has been a notable year for the 49ers franchise, Jerry Rice arguably the greatest football player of all time is officially a first ballot Hall of Fame inductee to the National Football League's Hall of Fame, in Canton Ohio. This is a great source of pride for the 49ers' organization.

Not only do the 49ers have reason to celebrate the past, they also look towards the future at least that was the mentality going into Seattle to face the Seahawks. The 49ers could not execute offensively and the Seahawks took advantage of that. It seemed like the 49ers' fundamentals were just not there, as they used all of their first-half timeouts by the opening moments of the second quarter. They had several trips to the Red Zone and could not capitalize on any of those opportunities. After being ahead of the Seahawks 6-0 thanks to two 49er field goals, they were outscored 31 to 0 and ultimately lost the game 31-6. They did not run the ball on the Seattle defense. Michael Crabtree was nonexistent, he dropped easily catchable balls, ran the wrong routes, along with other mental mistakes. His absence in the 49ers' offense along with the 49ers inability to run the ball, created the perfect volatile cocktail that led to a 49ers defeat.

Alex Smith has always been one of my least favorite players; I still believe that the 49ers made a grave mistake in drafting him over Aaron Rodgers. Although it could be argued that Aaron Rodgers is only as good as he is because he had the opportunity to be a future Hall of Fame quarterback’s under study in Green Bay. However, I had the privilege to watch him play in college, as he is A Former Bear. His skills were always there and he would have been successful regardless of where he was drafted.

If the 49ers can find a way to execute, I see them having no issue with winning the NFC West. They have all the ingredients necessary to make this a successful year, the question is whether these ingredients can come together to make it a masterpiece of a recipe.