The Battle for a Golden Soul

Post date: Oct 14, 2010 5:00:15 PM

The San Francisco 49ERS are now 0-5 on the season, with the exception of the blowout in Kansas City all their losses have been close games. The talent is there, the coaching is there, they just need to make a few key changes.

It all starts and ends with Alex Smith, the 49ERS need a new quarterback. I've stated before that they made a mistake drafting Smith over Aaron Rodgers and I still believe that very strongly. Smith is very streaky he doesn't have championship pedigree. Perhaps the 49ERS need to explore starting the backup quarterback or make a trade for a decent starting quarterback.

Mike Singletary is an excellent coach he is the "attitude" that the 49ERS need to become a winning franchise again. However, his blind faith in Smith may cost him his job. I for one would not like to see that happen because I can't see any legitimate replacement out there that would benefit the 49ERS.

Next week we face the Oakland Raiders, it's going to be The Battle of The Bay, and it would be nice if the 49ERS could manufacture their first victory against the cross town rival. This battle is for the Bay Area soul, which bleeds scarlet red, a soul that is, and always will be golden.