Phoenix Rising: Angels Start to play Angels' Brand Baseball

Post date: Aug 11, 2010 3:16:07 AM

I must say that after this series with the Toronto Blue Jays I am starting to see a return to our brand of baseball. Erving Santana had a spectacular outing today, a complete game, with a slider that was at times unhittable. The offense who is already doing well, improved by its ability to hit the ball with two outs, putting pressure on the defense to play mistake free baseball, not to mention that the Angels started hitting doubles with regularity. Hideki Matsui continues to impress me with his discipline at the plate, his ability to drive in runs and contribute to his new team.

Fernando Rodney in my opinion should be the Angels closer, he seems to have the ability to select pitches better than Brian Fuentes, if I had to choose between Brian Fuentes and Francisco Rodriguez I would choose the latter, yes Francisco Rodriguez was erratic but at least he left everything he had on the mound. Brian Fuentes seems to get easily rattled in pressure situations and I believe that Fernando Rodney would be a better fit as the closer.

It is curious why the Angels are carrying three catchers, with Jeff Mathis picking up where he left off last year as far as he's ability to pick up the ball and hit it, and Mike Napoli's power I don't see a reason why Bobby Wilson is on the roster. Mike Napoli hasn't had a chance to play much lately, I understand that Jeff Mathis is a better defensive player and it makes sense to have Napoli is a backup, especially since our area weakness right now is the bullpen and not the offense, Jeff Mathis is better able to help the Angels defensively, having Bobby Wilson on the major league roster would make sense if the Angels planned to put Mike Napoli at the Designated Hitter position but with Matsui playing the way he is, I don't see that happen anytime soon, it's an interesting dilemma. I don't see a reason for a third catcher.

It is nice to see the Angels returning to the brand of baseball we all love I hope that we can continue our success against the better teams in the major leagues, and it's not just an aberration. I guess we'll just have to see, bring on The Detroit Tigers, as we continue our quest to reclaim what is rightfully ours, the American League West title! Go Angels! I look forward to your insightful comments here at the Halos' Hot Corner