Killer Bees Have Made Their Home in the Golden Lake

Post date: Nov 7, 2010 10:05:20 PM

The Los Angeles Lakers are now 6-0 and are one of only three undefeated teams in this young 2010-2011 NBA season. The Lakers' offense has been clicking on all cylinders despite the fact that Kobe Bryant is recovering from off-season knee surgery and Andrew Bynum will not be available until possibly early December. The leadership of Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher has been unparalleled, combined with the Lakers' young sensational talents who the media has dubbed the killer bees, Shannon Brown and Matt Barnes, I believe the Lakers will be able to seriously contend for a third straight NBA championship.

The Killer Bees bring energy to the Lakers not seen since the Showtime era; their flare really gets the crowd involved and makes them a valuable 16th man. It will be hard for any team to come in as a visitor into Staples Center and walk away with a victory for their team.

The Lakers' defense needs some work, during the last game against the Toronto Raptors they allowed then to easily penetrate into the key this led to easy layups under the basket, this is maybe do to the absence of Andrew Bynum who is a presence in the paint. Defensive rebounds mainly by Ron Artest have been the Lakers' saving grace.

This should be an interesting season, not only because of the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat in the East but I believe that the Western Conference will be harder competition with teams like the San Antonio Spurs, the Oklahoma City Thunder, yes and even the Los Angeles Clippers with players like Baron Davis and Blake Griffin. the Clippers should not be under estimated this year, and don't fall asleep on the Golden State Warriors, like the Clippers I don't see the Warriors as contenders just yet; but both teams can certainly sneak into the playoffs if opponents don't take them seriously.

It should be a fun, interesting and exciting NBA season in both conferences, however I believe that the best team is the defending NBA champion until proven otherwise; and lucky for me, that team is my Los Angeles Lakers. Go Lakers!