How Much Metal is Left in Wood?

Post date: Aug 11, 2010 4:22:26 AM

I had the privilege of attending yesterday's game with my loving mother (la queiero mucho mamá) she was lucky enough to witness a Grand Slam Home Run by Brandon Wood which was great to see, but as always it made me wonder.

In previous entries I talked about my feelings on the Angels much needed activity before trade deadline, could I be possibly getting ahead of myself? After all his Grand Slam was against the Colorado Rockies, maybe his Grand Slam was just a result of a bad pitch, maybe the Rockies just had a bad game.

Nevertheless I can't help wonder if Wood is starting to come around, maybe we should not include him in a trade package; he has been doing better since the Angels moved him to shortstop, just something to think about. I would like to hear what you guys think about Wood's progress.

Tomorrow night we have an opportunity to slow down the runaway train from Arlington, as the Texas Rangers visit Angel Stadium for the first of three games tomorrow night. I'm curious to see how the halo crowd responds to Vladimir Guerrero as he makes his return to Anaheim, he has not been back since signing as a free agent with the Texas Rangers. We are 4 1/2 games back and it looks like it's going to be up to the Angels to stop the Texas Rangers themselves.