Basking in the Halo Heat: A Season of Surprises in the American League West

Post date: Jul 23, 2012 8:50:22 PM

This season is starting to get interesting, the Angels took the rubber game from the Texas Rangers beating them from our 7-4. Both teams still have two face each other 10 more times this season so it should be interesting.

The Rangers starter this is hot. They seem to be on fire during the months of April and May but have since then cooled off. Especially Josh Hamilton other teams seem to have adjusted to his strengths. Yesterday the Angels pitching staff very rarely pitched to Hamilton inside, Hamilton's aggressive swings did the rest.

The Angels on the other hand have gone in the opposite direction they still trail the Rangers by five games however everything seems to be clicking together especially the TNT boys (Trumbo and Trout) this explosion by the offense has a lot to do with the detonation of TNT.

Here are some of the effects that the detonation of TNT has had on the Angels:

Bringing the Halo Heat

6-14 Angels' record before Mike Trout was called up on April 28.

46-30 Angels' record since April 28, the second-best record in baseball during that span.

.352 Trout's batting average, best in the American League.

.622 Mark Trumbo's slugging percentage, best in the AL.

.404 Trout's on-base percentage, third in the AL.

26 Home runs hit by Trumbo, fourth- most in the AL.

30 Stolen bases for Trout, most in the AL. He's only been caught three times.

The numbers may be dated by a day or two, but one gets the idea. The pitching is still a little suspect, but it's my hope as well as I think it is a hope of every Angels' fan that are pitching problems can be somewhat resolved by a trade before the trading deadline July 31.

I am thoroughly impressed by the Oakland Athletics who somehow have seemed to get themselves back in the American League West race they currently sit in third place only a half-game behind the Angels, Billy Beane still has some magic left in that hat of his; "Money Ball" indeed, Stomper should be proud.

Ladies and gentlemen, it seems that the Elephant has joined the Angel and the Ranger in staking its claim to the American League West crown, the dogfights of summer have truly begun.