There Are 30 Minutes Left on the Halo Clock, and Time Is Running Out

Post date: Aug 26, 2020 12:56:53 AM

Baseball is often referred to as a marathon not a sprint. In the shortened season everything has been turned on its head, this year with the 60 game season it is a sprint. I on the other hand, prefer to look at the season as a clock, with each game representing a minute on this clock.

After the first half an hour, (halfway through the season) the Angels are 9-21 and as of the time of the writing of this post, they are losing the 31st game 6-3 against the Houston Astros. What has gone wrong this season? Well, the answer is been the same for the last few years, pitching. It doesn't really matter if one talks about the starting rotation or the bullpen; with the glaring exception of Dylan Bundy; the pitching staff as a whole is bad.

If the Halos plan to be active at the trade deadline which is August 31, they must invest in pitching for both the present and the future. It will be interesting to see how trades develop since minor league players are not active due to the corona virus pandemic. Minor league players have essentially lost a year of development since the minor leagues are not active; it has yet to be seen how all 30 major-league clubs are going to approach this certainly very unique circumstance that stems from this very unique season.

Canned the Angels turn the season around in the remaining 30 minutes? There has been no indication that they will be able to, unless by some miracle the pitching staff vastly improves to complement an offense that's trying to keep this team afloat.

As a lifelong Angels' fan I am beginning to get the same feelings that were all too familiar as a little boy, I'm a fan of a team that doesn't really do much year in, and year out; always having talented players but not much team cohesion. There is 29 minutes remaining on the clock, it is my hope that the Halos show some signs of life this season.