The Dog Days of Summer Induce Division Dogfights

Post date: Aug 11, 2010 3:53:27 AM

What do fans of military fighter jets and baseball fans have in common? They both enjoy good dogfights. Since the injury to Kendry Morales, the Angels' record is 9 and 2. They've had to shuffle the lineup by putting Mike Napoli at first base which I must say has worked out wonderfully. The catcher dilemma has been indirectly solved temporary, until Kendry Morales comes back. Mike Napoli's power has negated any hole left by Morales and when he comes back, the Angels will have plenty to choose from in the power category. It's always good to have too many talented players, this gives you versatility when it comes to trades and things of that nature when they are needed and having a very talented manager in Mike Scioscia doesn't hurt either.

The Angels are in a dogfight in the American League West this is something they are not used to, over the last few years they've been able to essentially run away with division. This might be good for them as it prepares them for potential postseason dogfights with the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays they need to be able to deal with adversity and know how to overcome it.

This is a battle tested team, and the Angels with a few more pieces before season's end can definitely made a run at a championship this year. I believe that as good as other teams may be, they have yet to be tested. The major contenders have yet to suffer long-term key injuries which the Angels have unfortunately already dealt with and they seem to be overcoming any challenge that is put in front of them.

Don't forget to fill out your All-Star ballots and vote now, vote often, and vote for the Angels! Remember we are the hosts of this year's All-Star Game it is only appropriate that we vote in as many Angels' players as we can.