Teixeira, "Now You're In New York, These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New, Big Lights Will Inspire You," To Play Dirty!

Post date: Aug 11, 2010 3:22:37 AM

The Golden Gate Bridge vs. The Statue of Liberty, the Staples Center vs. Madison Square Garden, Hollywood vs. Broadway, California Love vs. An Empire State of Mind, California and New York arguably have always been the two most newsworthy states in the union at times, even adversarial. The game between the New York Yankees vs. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim reminded me as to how deep this rivalry runs.

More specifically I'm talking about the collision that took place between the Angels' Bobby Wilson and the Yankees' Mark Teixeira on Friday night, on the previous play the ball was shot into right field, Bobby Abreu caught the ball and decided to throw it to the plate. The ball was just a little short and it bounced in the dirt in front of the plate about 6 inches above Bobby Wilson's head as he was scrambling for the ball, he was leaning towards the first base side. Bobby Wilson is left side was completely exposed as well as the left side of the base was open. Mark Teixeira could have avoided the collision, however he decided to lower his shoulder to make sure he made it into the base safely. Although most of Major League Baseball including the Angels' Manager Mike Scioscia suggested a play was clean, I suggest it was very dirty, not for the play itself, it was dirty due to the decisions taken shortly before and after the play.

Mark Teixeira decided to lower his shoulder and barrel into Bobby Wilson, if one looks at the replay one can see that the runner was not aiming at the plate rather, targeting the catcher Bobby Wilson was well off the plate there was no need to collide into him as a result, Bobby Wilson suffered a concussion and an ankle injury and is now on the 15 day disabled list. Even at game speed I believe it was possible to make a decision not to crash into him since Wilson had no chance to turn around comeback to a third base side of home plate and tag him out it would've taken Wilson too much time to catch the ball that he clearly had no control over, gather himself, take control, and tag him out all in one motion.

After the play instead of checking on his fellow player to make sure he was all right, Mark decided to look at the plate and then look at the umpire to make he was safe, instead of checking on Wilson, he preceded to the dugout where you put his gear away and sat on the bench, . What kind of sportsmanship is that? He did not even have the decency to walk over to the player and say I'm sorry especially because Mark is a former Angel himself, it was later suggested that the hit on Wilson was in retaliation to being hit by a pitch earlier in the game. I didn't know that getting hit by a baseball going at a high rate is speed is the same as a man that weighs around 200 pounds hitting another man at a high rate is speed, I must have missed that physics lesson in high school, but I wish Mark would share with us how being hit by a ball anywhere except for the head, equates to a concussion and an injured ankle.

Mark's actions are anything but that of a professional baseball player, I am disgusted by his actions, it's a matter of human decency to check on your fellow man especially after Mark was the cause of his injuries, although I'm glad now that he's gone he doesn't deserve to be in a classy organization like the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Well the rivalry between California and New York has has certainly intensified my sincere hope is that we will be the ones to eliminate the Yankees in the playoffs this year. Mark, I'm sure the Angels 'have no problem showing you what class is all about. Go Angels!