Wolfpack Ambushes Bears 54-31

Post date: Sep 18, 2010 6:40:36 PM

After a 2-0 start things were looking right for the California Golden Bears, until yesterday, the Bears were surprised by the Nevada Wolf Pack 54-31. This was a game where the Bears were expected to win, unfortunately the Bears, more specifically Kevin Riley were unable to run the offense efficiently. Riley was unable to get the ball to Keenan Allen throughout most of the game, couple that with Riley's three interceptions and one begins to realize how the Bears lost this game.

Nevada beat an incomplete Bears' defense, which was without linebacker Mike Mohammed who was out with a sprained toe. I am taking nothing away from the Wolfpack who played a passionate game. The Bears simply seem to play uninspired football whenever they play on national television. I'm reminded of the Oregon State game that the Bears played two years ago, which position the Bears to become the number one team in the country if they beat the Beavers; Kevin Riley's mental mistakes at the end of the game cost us the number one ranking.

Where do the Bears go from here? In my opinion, they definitely have the ingredients to be a championship caliber team; however, their uncanny ability to collapse on national television cheats them out of the ranking that they deserve. For now only people in the Bay Area, Cal Alumni, and Bears' fans know how good this team can be. It's only the third game of the season. I believe the Bears still have an opportunity to recover, but it is really up to them to play to their potential.