The All-Star Celebration is Over, Now The Real Season Begins

Post date: Aug 11, 2010 4:52:53 AM

As the All-Star celebration comes to a close, it's time to look forward to the second half of the season which starts tonight, the outlook for the Angels is a positive one, yet a bit complicated. It is going to be a very tightly contested division race, the Texas Rangers are contenders we haven't had this sort of challenge since we were going head to head with the Oakland Athletics, there are several things at the Angels need to accomplish if they are going to become 4 time division champions.

First they need to shore up their pitching, the starters are doing well, with the exception of Scott Kazmir and at times Joe Saunders; these gentlemen need to step up the game and order to assist the other members of the staff and carrying the team until the bullpen improves.

The bullpen been horrible to with the exception of Kevin Jepsen and Fernando Rodney, it seems that the bullpen has been the Angels' weak point no matter how well the starting rotation does, the bullpen always finds a way to negate any positive progress that team makes. I don't know whether going after bullpen help before the deadline is a smart move, there isn't really anybody out there that can make an impact that the Angels need. The pitching staff as a whole needs to look within themselves and find a way to help the offense.

The offense needs to find a way their bats hot, I understand the offense has been devastated by injuries, but they have the talent to overcome any obstacles that are put in front of them. Maybe it's time to reshuffle than lineup again and give the offense a fresh look. I really don't see them going after anybody before the deadline. The team should stay away from any player rentals since it would be better if they pursue someone like Carl Crawford in the off-season. The Angels have had bad experiences with players at the end of the contract and they should not go down that road unless they absolutely have to.

Perhaps moving Scott Kazmir to the bullpen until he gets his confidence back would be a smart move. The bullpen needs help and he is struggling as a starter, so while he corrects himself he can bolster the bullpen until they get together. They need to bring the pitcher up from from the minors, I understand it's a gamble, but at this point I think that the youngsters Who are hungry would at least motivated team to do better in not just sit back and make excuses for themselves.

I'm really looking forward to the second half of the season. it's going to be a tight race but I still think that the Angels have enough weapons in their arsenal to win the American League West. The fun and games are over, and now the real season begins.