Keenan Allen, a Freshman Phenom Brings National Attention to The University of California

Post date: Aug 12, 2010 4:33:13 AM

The 2010 college football season begins, as does The Bear Facts, a blog about the University of California's sports. My perspective is both of a lifelong fan and a graduate of the University of California. One of the great things about Cal is the tradition of not only the school but also its athletic program. Cal has not always had the most prestigious sports programs the university is mostly known for its academic prestige as evident by its recent world ranking as the second most academically prestigious University in the world. Adding to the academic prestige is a rising athletic program.

It is an honor to be able to say that the school can hold its own in both realms, for us alumni it is exciting to be able to go back to campus and watch a competitive football game or basketball game when one knows that a victory is a very real possibility. I am a little jealous that I wasn't able to attend today's home opener against the University of California, at Davis. Keenan Allen, a freshman wide receiver who originally was set to attend the University of Alabama reneged on his commitment and decided to attend California instead. His half brother who transferred to Cal from the University of Buffalo must sit out a year in accordance with NCAA rules. Allen told his brother that he would be willing to attend any school that his brother decided to transfer to, lucky for us that school ended up being Cal. After listening to today's game on the radio, I must say that I am glad that the true freshman phenom landed in our collective lap.

Allen caught four receptions for 120 yards including a 48 yard touchdown pass. Last year it was hard for Cal to produce anything offensively since they did not have a marquee receiver. The last receiver of that caliber to grace the University of California was DeSean Jackson who now is a marquee receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League. Cal is slowly becoming known for producing NFL caliber talent. Hopefully Allen’s talent will bring television exposure to Cal on a national level, in turn, attracting talented players to the institution, and develop a program into a national powerhouse.

The University of California will not only be known for its dominance in academics but also in athletics. I invite you to join me on this promising journey that both University alumni as well as Bears’ fans are about to embark on. Go Bears!