Angels Grounded by Severe Hail Storms, the Size of Baseballs

Post date: Aug 11, 2010 3:09:23 AM

As you will see throughout the season I will not write on every single game unless I really feel there's a need to. Instead, I will observe a few games then write about a theme over a few games or series.

Today, the theme of the day is the Angels' starting pitching, Jared Weaver, Joe Saunders, and Ervin Santana have all fallen victim to the home run ball, and I don't care how good one's offense may be, if you can't keep the ball in a park you going to lose because even a stellar offense cannot make an impact if there always climbing out of a deep hole.

Santana had eight three ball counts, if one's is always trying to pitch themselves out of a hole one can get unsteady and they end up battling their way through a game, instead of making the opponents offense play their game.

Some may argue that is enough if the starting rotation gets the lead then turn it over to the bullpen, the issue with that is that there are 162 games we played not counting the playoffs to rely on the bullpen to carry the Angels the entire season is unrealistic. I still sustain that no matter how well the Angels' offense may be, defense still wins championships even if thunder is produced, the Angels cannot fall victim to opponents hail storms.

Sometimes less is more and I believe for this entry at least this is the case, as always your thoughts are always welcome here at the Halos' Hot Corner.