The Angels Make Sweeping Statement in the Freeway Series

Post date: Aug 11, 2010 4:13:01 AM

I remember a time when Inter-League Play didn't exist, and the only time that I had the chance to see the Angels vs. Dodgers was during the preseason where one mostly was witness to players trying to make the Angels' roster, not only because one does not see starters vs. starters but also wins and losses did not count against the team's record, so there was no true barometer to determine which team was better.

Since the inception of Inter-League Play, baseball fans have had the privilege of watching various rivalries bloom during the regular season. For example, the Freeway Series, the Bay Bridge Series, the Subway Series, and others. It's funny how most National League of fans don't like Inter-League Play, perhaps it is due to the American League's dominance since its inception. I personally like the ability to see the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Angels every year. I was born and raised in Orange County, and I am only about 15 minutes away from Angel Stadium so it's really easy for me to attend games. Most of my extended family was born and raised in East Los Angeles so it's only natural that they are Dodgers' fans. The rivalry a special because there's only one other team the Anaheim Ducks in hockey, other than the Angels that we don't have to share with Los Angeles. The Angels and the Ducks but more so the Angels gives people in Orange County an opportunity to separate ourselves from the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. Not to mention that allows me to have great talking points with my cousins and friends, that way we don't always have to talk about the Los Angeles Lakers, a team that we all agree on.

The Angels are five games above. 500 and are only 1/2 game behind the Texas Rangers they are slowly but surely reclaiming the American League West and by season's end they will be able to make a serious run at the World Series. It's been my experience however that the Freeway Series is will really gets the Angels' fans pumped up for the rest of the season; but the fact that we are hosting the All-Star Game this year doesn't hurt either, for the first time the Angels were able to sweep the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium since Inter-League Play began Go Angels!