The Angels Lost a Broom on Interstate 5 While Trying to Catch the Runaway Train Originating From Arlington

Post date: Aug 11, 2010 4:20:19 AM

The Freeway Series is over much to my chagrin. We took five of six from the Los Angeles Dodgers, I really enjoy the Freeway Series and I can't wait until next year. We must have lost our broom trying to catch the runaway train out of Arlington Texas, the Texas Rangers have won 11 games in a row which is quite remarkable. It also puts pressure on the Angels keep up, although we've been doing well every loss is big until the Rangers come back to earth. I'm often reminded you of again of 2002 when the Oakland Athletics set a Major League Baseball record 20 game win streak, but when the smoke cleared and everything fell into its rightful place the Angels raised 2002 World Series trophy. All things considered even with numerous injuries that the Angels have had, their only four and half games of first place we are still well within striking distance, and as for that Arlington train; it will eventually have to slow down.

The Angels must continue developing their minor league talent, there is an outfielder in the minors named Mike Trout with worth keeping an eye on. He has power, speed and a very high baseball intelligence quotient. He just recently got selected to participate in the Major League Baseball All-Star Futures Game. I hope that the Angels don't bring him up too early and use him as a main reason why the Angels decide not to pursue free agent talent in the near future.

It is my sincere hope that the Angels can keep pace with the Texas Rangers long enough for The Angels to win the division and move on and playoffs, it is becoming more apparent that with the Texas Rangers playing the way they are; it's going to be a race which necessitates that the Angels become active in trade transactions before the trade deadline. Especially with the amount of injuries that they have had to deal with.