UCLA's Pistol Misfired When They Tried to Execute the Bears

Post date: Oct 14, 2010 5:57:46 PM

UCLA's pistol offense was ineffective against a stout Bears' defense last Saturday. The Bears mauled any strategy UCLA was trying to execute on offense. California's defense looked flawless, the offense however still needs some work.

I really liked the way Kevin Reilly executed the offense, instead of trying to make things happen, he had faith in his offense and took advantage of the flaws in UCLA's defensive scheme. The Bears' rushing attack was able to make their presence known, in turn, that opened up California's passing attack.

It seems that the Bears do well when they establish the run early, although Kevin Reilly can improve his decision making, I think the real problem lies with the Bears' offensive line, they are easily able to open running lanes for the backs, but struggle with pass protection, they don't give Kevin Reilly any time to make the right read to the open receiver. Consequently Riley rushes his throws and renders the passing game ineffective.

This week the Bears face the USC Trojans, historically this game has been very important to both teams' postseason chances. This year this game has a slightly different spin, with USC serving a two-year postseason ban, I expect the Trojans to play with a chip on their shoulder. The Bears must be careful and realize that no matter what their status is with the NCAA, USC will not roll over and just hand the Bears a victory. If for nothing else USC plays with pride and with two consecutive losses in the closing seconds of games, you can bet that USC will be playing angry. The Bears must prepare extensively for this game because this game will make or break their chances of going to the Rose Bowl this year.