The Delicate Balancing Act

Post date: Dec 1, 2011 11:53:43 PM

In my previous entry I talked about bad contracts and how a bad contract can handcuff a team. I also talked about how potential means nothing if it's not develop properly, but there is also the other extreme; giving up a player via trade that has promising potential for a player who is not necessarily an impact player, he fills a need that the Angels have, but will also be a free agent at the end of the year, bad decisions...

The Angels acquired veteran catcher Chris Iannetta from the Colorado Rockies in exchange for pitcher Tyler Chatwood, I myself am not too happy with this transaction simply because it seems that the Angels are trying to turn themselves around through "patchwork" rather than addressing the needs of the organization overall and as a whole. Iannetta is an offensive upgrade from Jeff Mathis, relatively speaking since Mathis is a sub .200 hitter. However, I think paying for a player who is in the last year of his contract, for a 21-year-old promising prospect like Chatwood is too much of a risk.

I strongly believe that the Angels gave up entirely too much for what looks to be a short-term "patchwork" solution. The Angels would have been much better served by courting Yadier Molina, who is a career .400 hitter who is a defensive phenom behind the plate as well is a great hitter.

I'm aware that Mike Scioscia likes defense of catching, however Molina provides more of a balance between offense and defense. I fear that this new acquisition will be just more of the same, on emphasis on defense of catching while sacrificing offensive production, yes, Iannetta has a better on-base percentage, I just feel that the organization should bring about balance instead of using a "patchwork" method.

The Halos need to balance their short-term needs with the long-term future, the acquisition of Iannetta merely masks the more systemic problem with the organization. They way they do business needs to fundamentally change in the sense that they must avoid going to extremes. There must avoid long-term contracts that don't make sense, well at same time stay away from the short-term contracts that put them in a position to give away more than they get in return. They need to find its equilibrium relatively soon.

What happens if Iannetta decides to walk away from the Angels at the end of the year? Then they basically give away Tyler Chatwood for free, with nothing in return. The Angels are thin in starting pitching prospects to begin with, overall they need to balance their short-term competitive health was at the same time continue contending for the long-term future.