Should the Angels try to Convince Roy Oswalt to Trade his Comet Tail for a Halo and a Pair of Angel Wings?

Post date: Aug 11, 2010 3:48:52 AM

Roy Oswalt, the Houston Astros' ace asked to be traded yesterday to place where he can win. With the Angels' struggling bullpen I can't help but wonder if the Angels should go after him, maybe as a fifth starter and moving Scott Kazmir or Joe Saunders to the bullpen to help bolster the struggling unit. It is clear now that the Brandon Wood experiment has failed miserably he is out of options and he can't be sent down to the minors without risking that another team claims him off waivers. The Angels need to get some value for Wood.

I'm starting to second guess the acquisition of Scott Kazmir, I was uneasy with deal from the beginning, at the time Kazmir had a huge upside and most Angels' fans were ecstatic about the deal. Sean Rodriguez was a player that could have replaced Wood at third base, perhaps in hindsight we should have sent Brandon Wood in the deal at the time, Wood was more sought after then Rodriguez. Rodriguez is having a spectacular season for the Tampa Bay Rays, since the Angels can not dwell on the past, the best thing to do is work with options that are possible and the acquisition of Oswalt would bolster the bullpen.

The Angels should explore their options since the solution doesn't seem to be there internally. The loss by the Texas Rangers kept this bad situation from becoming worse. The Angels have the offense to make a serious run in the playoffs, however we need to find a solution for our pitching disaster.