The Freeway Series: The Best Rivalry in Baseball

Post date: Aug 11, 2010 4:08:02 AM

The Angels face the Los Angeles Dodgers tonight in a three game series, in yet another installment of the Freeway Series. Both teams are in a dogfight in their respective divisions. It should be a very competitive series, but regardless of where each team is in the standings the rivalry between these two teams always seems to have a special aura. I've been an Angels' fan for as long as I can remember I try to go to games as much as I can, it's been my experience that the Angels vs. Dodgers games are by far the most fun. Perhaps it is to the close proximity of both teams which it allows for both teams to be equally represented no matter if it is a home game or road game. Maybe it's the insistence by Dodgers' fans that the Angels falsely claim the Los Angeles name.

But do the Angels really falsely claim the name? Let me examine this for a second, the Angels were founded in the city of Los Angeles in 1961. Then owner Gene Autry selected the name "Angels" because it made reference to the city's nickname " the city of angels". The Dodgers on the other hand, were an import from Brooklyn New York originally dubbed the Brooklyn Dodgers they made the move to Los Angeles, although the Dodgers have called Los Angeles home for a longer period of time. There is no escaping the fact that they are, and always will be from Brooklyn New York. I submit that even the rivalries are not from California, their most hated rival the San Francisco Giants who at one time were the New York Giants were also imported from New York so essentially both the Dodgers and their rivals are not native California, this begs the question who is a real California team that was founded in Los Angeles? The truth shall set you free!

This is what makes the Freeway Series so so unique both fan bases are equally as passionate and both sides accuse the opposing side of living in a world of fantasy not rooted in reality. I can not for the rivalry to be renewed. I for one, am going to try to make it out to the games when they play at Angel Stadium later this month. It's time to add yet another chapter in this historic yet beautiful rivalry. Go Angels!