Home Under the Halo

Post date: Sep 28, 2020 12:21:34 AM

Baseball is usually a 162 game marathon, this year, it was a 60 game Sprint. This unique baseball season brought a lot of uncertainty; the ability to finish the season was in question due to the impact the Coronavirus has had on the world. Baseball fans were unable to attend this year, changing the dynamic of how the game is played and consumed; changes that we all hope are not permit so we can enjoy games next season.

Changes in The Baseball format gave the Angels the opportunity to make the postseason for the first time since 2014. I approached the season with plenty of optimism that the Angels would break their playoff drought. However even with a more friendly playoff format the Angels fell just short of the postseason. The Halos started the season 9-12; they finished the season 26-34, they did make a comeback, however it was too little, too late.

I have stated often the as a fan, I would rather see the Angels be eliminated while going down fighting than to have them be eliminated before or shortly after the midpoint of the season, this year is no exception. I am very proud of the team and the effort they put forth this year, they sorely need pitching, and I hope the front office invests in this glaring need that is been more than obvious for the last few years.

An elimination of the team that I love always hurts, however, this one stands out because the Angels were eliminated by the natural rival, the hated Los Angeles Dodgers with two games left in the season, they also have the best overall record in Major League Baseball which makes it something even more. Hopefully next year things get back to normal and the Angels not only compete, but content for a World Series title.

Although there was heartbreak the season, there were also a lot of bright spots, chief among them was Mike Trout taking over the all-time Angels home run record with 300 home runs, on Saturday, September 5, 2020; surpassing Tim Salmon (the Angels have good luck with fish) who previously held the record for roughly 2 decades with 299 home runs. Mike Trout now has 302 home runs in his career and I look forward to seeing them cementing is marked not only with the Angels, but the rest of Major League Baseball as well.

The Halos started making changes, the organization chose not to renew the contract of Angels' General Manager Billy Eppler. He spent five years with the team and made an impact; he re-signed Mike Trout to a 10 year contract extension, adding 10 years to the remaining two years of his contract entering last season, virtually ensuring that Mike Trout remains with the Angels for the rest of his career.

I'm not going to reflect on the possibilities for next season until we get a little bit more into the off-season, this elimination stings, and it's going to take me more than the usual time to get over this one; that may change, however for now that's the way I feel.

The doors closed, they Halo has been temporarily turned off until the beginning of next season. A season with a new horizon, new possibilities, with the hopes of returning to the ballpark that we all miss and love; let's get this pandemic under control so we can return home under the Halo.