The Angels Refuse To Fall Off A Cliff No Matter How Hard The Texas Rangers Decide To Push

Post date: Aug 11, 2010 4:40:46 AM

I just received a text from ESPN, it's official Cliff Lee is now part of the Texas Rangers. Needless to say I'm shocked, I didn't see this coming at all. It looks like the Rangers are serious about challenging American League West division title. They acquired left-handed pitcher Cliff Lee from the Seattle Mariners for first baseman Justin Smoak, Minor League pitchers Blake Beavan and Josh Lueke, and infielder Matt Lawson Today. The Rangers also acquired injured pitcher Mark Lowe in the deal and received $2.25 million in cash considerations, very impressive.

I hope that the Rangers have thought this out, we are the three time defending American League West Champions and you can bet that they now have the Angels' attention, unless they can sign him to long-term deal, I don't see why the Rangers would mortgage their future. The Angels are nowhere near full strength and we are hanging tough. Even if Lee has stellar outings for the Rangers the rest of the season, he is still one man in a five man rotation, the other four pitchers need to have similar outings. The Rangers have not been known for pitching in recent years and I highly doubt that one All-Star addition can make a difference in an entire rotation.

I am anxious to see how the Angels respond to this shocker. The trade deadline is July 31st and and we haven't made a major move yet, there is still a lot of time time. The Rangers look a little nervous, they are stockpiling weapons, I remind them that this is not our first barbecue and they better bring all they have to the table because we may still have a few aces in the hole that the Angels have yet to use. Go ahead Rangers, show us all your cards, you're giving the Angels the advantage because you're giving us a glimpse of what we need to prepare for.

No matter how hard they push the Angels will not fall off the Cliff, they forget that the Angels have wings, and just like the phoenix we will rise from the ashes like the true champions that we are. The season is not over, to be the champion, you have to beat the champion; and it has yet to be seen if the Rangers can. This division race should be fun. Go Angels!