The Golden Bears Have a Grizzly Bear/Teddy Bear Complex

Post date: Nov 7, 2010 8:43:42 PM

The California Golden Bears are undefeated at Strawberry Canyon/California Memorial Stadium; however, on the road it is quite a different story, the Golden Bears got their first victory yesterday against the Washington State Cougars. The Bears have a talented team, but they seem to lack the killer instinct that is needed in Division I college football.

Kevin Reilly is out for the season with an injured knee, he is a fifth-year senior and barring a medical exemption from the NCAA his college career is likely finished. Riley had potential, he displayed it his freshman and sophomore years. He really didn't develop himself to his full potential, his decision-making has been questionable at best and he never really seemed to take the pressure on the big stage of a contending Division I program in stride. Bears' fans are quick to point out that the reason the Bears have been doing so poorly in the last years has been because the quarterback. I would argue that it is actually the lack of a receiving core prior to the arrival of Allen, Jones, and Ross Cal had to rely mostly on their running backs Lynch, Best and Vereen. The Bears' success has always been predicated on a balanced offense and a stout defense. For the last few years one or more of these foundational facets have been missing from California.

It has yet to be seen which Cal quarterback rises from the ashes of the quarterback competition. Adding a quality quarterback to an already great receiving core, great running backs, and the spectacular defense; will be key to the Bears' success. Hopefully with the creation of California's new high-performance facilities in the Bears can attract top-tier blue-chip talent, but for now we will just have to sit and wait. Go Bears!