The Mirror Image

Post date: Mar 4, 2013 1:17:37 AM

1-7-2, that is the Angels' record this spring; under normal circumstances this record would be concerning, that is; until one remembers that it is spring training. Yes, on one hand the games are meaningless since they don't count against the overall regular-season record. On the other, these games do have meaning since each team can see which players are going to fill their respective regular-season rosters.

Watching the Angels' play this season I'm hopeful that I'm looking into a mirror. I believe this metaphor fits the Angels aptly. When one looks in the mirror, one sees a reflection; a reflection by definition is a reverse image of oneself. Thus, my hope is that we are looking at a reverse image of last season.

If one remembers last season, the Angels did pretty well during spring training, leading to high expectations from the fan base; including myself. They started off slow and never really recovered. It is my hope that this season is in fact the mirror image of last season. In this sense that they continue doing terrible during spring training when the games really don't count and picked themselves up during the regular season. Granted the Angels just started using their mainstream players in the last couple of days, however I am much rather would see them struggle the rest of spring training if it means they will have success during the regular season into the postseason.

Even if the Angels continue to struggle the rest of spring training, I have already got my Spring Training wish this year, a 10-6 shellacking of the Los Angeles Dodgers which included a mammoth Home Run by Josh Hamilton.

The goal during spring training is for staff and players to prepare themselves and be healthy for the upcoming regular-season. The Angels are doing both things very well, thus making their spring training record irrelevant.