The Angels Show Off Their Thunder Sticks And Even Have An Extra One To Give To Godzilla

Post date: Aug 11, 2010 3:05:26 AM

For those of you that read my previous entry, I outlined what the Angels needed to do in order to have a successful postseason beyond the first round, I must admit even I was surprised by the amount of thunder displayed yesterday. The first home run came from the unlikeliest of places, Jeff Mathis got a low inside fastball that he shot over the center field wall. It was quite a pleasant surprise to see him continue where he left off last season, with his defensive prowess and if he continues developing his power he's a clear choice for the Angels' starting catcher position.

Hideki Matsui, also known as Godzilla proved why he belongs in an Angels uniform, from the very beginning he hit the ball into right field which gave the Angels the lead, is very next at bat he hit a ball foul into the right field corner which foreshadowed things to come, his next time up a ball exploded off his bat into the right field corner this time, fair, he put the Angels on top for good.

It was nice to see Morales show some power from the right side, he followed Matsui's home run with a round trip of his own, it was as if the Angels were feeding off Matsui's presence as he was demonstrating why he was chosen as World Series MVP last season.

I thought that Jared Weaver was a little shaky especially when he gave up the home run early in the game, the Angels need to shore up their starting pitching mechanics although the bullpen looked pretty impressive, especially Fernando Rodney's ability to pitch himself out of trouble late in the game, let's just hope he doesn't make getting in trouble a habit.

Well Angels' fans, once again it has been an honor to write my thoughts and ideas to perhaps give you a starting point for discussion, again you're welcome to respond to any part of this post and I'll be happy to address any thoughts you may have. Let's hope that tonight is" just another Halo victory!" Rest in peace, Rory Markus, you are missed dearly.