Who Dat? The 49ers... Well Almost

Post date: Sep 22, 2010 11:30:55 PM

The San Francisco 49ers are a young scrappy team, they took the defending Super Bowl champions New Orleans Saints to the limit on Monday night. They honestly defeated themselves by committing careless penalties and turnovers. They need to strengthen their fundamentals and not try to do too much at the same time. They must remember that they are football players, not super heroes. Alex Smith really surprised me. I am one of his harshest critics, and I still am. However, he is starting to grow on me. It was his desire to keep the 49ers in the game late in the fourth quarter that really impressed me. We'll have to see whether he continues that trend. Patrick Willis is an impressive linebacker, it was his desire that allowed Alex Smith to make that late run. Had he not stopped the Saints at the goal line I would be talking about a much different game in this entry.

The 49ers have a huge upside, as long as they don't defeat themselves. Patrick Willis, Frank Gore, maybe Michael Crabtree and maybe Alex Smith is a good core to build around. We will have to see whether they don't squander the talented weapons that they have around them. Check your egos at the door, and just play football!