Will the Angels Make a Splash or Sit Poolside With Their Feet in the Water at This Summer's Trade Deadline?

Post date: Aug 11, 2010 4:15:51 AM

As I'm writing this entry, it is the eve of the renewal of the Freeway Series between the Angels and the Los Angeles Dodgers, and although most of my focus tonight will be on watching the Angels win against the Dodgers; I can't help but wonder if the Angels will make any major moves before the trade deadline on July 31.

With the injury to Kendry Morales a surefire All-Star before he got hurt, the Angels are missing a key offensive juggernaut in their lineup. Mike Napoli has been at first base the last few games in an attempt to ease avoid left by Morales, which seems to be working but it is only a temporary solution because if you watch Napoli closely he is clearly not a first baseman.

With the Angels defensive issues temporarily addressed they need to concentrate on acquiring a player that will fit our system, perhaps Carl Crawford who I have stated in previous entries would be a perfect fit not only for the but also for the Angels' system. Carl Crawford would be able to put pressure on the base paths which is an Angels' staple, and he would also add the power that we are missing with the absence of Morales for the rest of the season. Additionally, the Angels do not have a batter that is hitting over a .300 average this season this will complicate matters eight and the season as they start facing playoff contenders with above average pitching.

Am I the only person in the Angels' fan base who believes Brian Fuentes should be replaced by Fernando Rodney as the Angels' Closer? Lately it seems that Fernando Rodney and Kevin Jepsen are the only members of the Angels' bullpen that are anywhere close to reliable. Some fans doubt Rodney and his effectiveness but I would argue that his ineffectiveness results from his uncomfortable position. Simply put Rodney is not a setup man, he is a closer. He is essentially out of position, you wouldn't ask a Point Guard on a championship basketball team to defend a Center, that is called a mismatch in basketball; matches almost never render positive results. Likewise Fernando Rodney is being asked to play out of his position facilitating mistakes and hurting his confidence.

The Angels can not simply remain idle and let the trade deadline pass them by, they need to make a move, although the answer can be found sometimes internally I strongly believe this is not the case this time around. They need Carl Crawford because he is the only player that fits the Angels' scheme. I hope they acquire him through a trade and sign him to a long-term deal. Wishful thinking? Not for lifelong fans like me who want them to win now and for a long time in the future. We pay for tickets so it's only fair for the team that put the best product possible out on the field.