The Angels Put A Red "Haren"ing in The Rangers' Plans to Win The American League West

Post date: Aug 11, 2010 5:01:03 AM

On Sunday the Angels acquired Dan Haren from the Arizona Diamondbacks in exchange for Joe Saunders, and minor league pitchers Rafael Rodriguez, Patrick Corbin, and a " Player to be Named Later". Joe Saunders showed some class when he learned of the trade, he was brought to tears he loved the Angels' organization and was shocked and devastated that he had to leave; we love too, not like some other former Angels' players, (I will get into that later) the tough This was indeed a pleasant surprise since I don't think anyone saw this move coming. My brother actually let me know that the trade happened, they had not even been posted on the Internet yet, he heard it on television. This transaction counters the Rangers' trade for Cliff Lee very nicely. I would daresay the Angels have the advantage in the situation since after the season they get to keep Dan Haren for two more years, in contrast the Rangers must negotiate with Lee since his contract is up at the end of the season.

The Halos need to come together as of tonight they are officially 8 1/2 games back behind the Rangers, to make matters worse, they are now in a second place tie with the Oakland Athletics for second place in the division, that is just unacceptable. The offense is quiet which puts more pressure on the defense to make plays, on top of that Brian Fuentes gave me yet another reminder of why I believe he should be removed from his current role with team. He fundamentally made a mistake. The pitcher's primary duty is to pitch, his secondary duty is to cover for space when the first baseman is making me play; and at times cover home plate. Fuentes was late getting off the mound which allowed the Boston Red Sox to go up four runs to two in A critical situation they in the game before that point the Angels were only behind by one run and I believe they could have tide the Red Sox had Fuentes not made that mistake.

The return of John Lackey was also noteworthy, he was received with a healthy course of boos from the Angels' fans which in my opinion are well deserved since he stated when he was introduced to the media in Boston that he was glad to be Red Sox and that being part of the Angels' organization was all he had known. He preceded to rip the Angels' organization for their practices in the inability to sign him an extra year as he had requested, he then turns around and states today that he hopes that the Angels' fans respect him for what he did as an Angels' player; here's a news flash John, the reason the Angels' fans don't respect you is not because we don't respect what you did an Angels uniform, we don't respect you because you ripped perhaps one of the classiest organizations in baseball publicly when you arrived in Boston, with throngs of the Boston Media present. Did do honestly expect that what you did wouldn't get back to the Angels' fans back on the west coast? Hello! John we are in the information age; everything we do can travel the world in a matter of seconds. That is the reason why my dear John, the Angels' fans don't respect you anymore. It's not for what you did or didn't do, it's for the lack of class and gratitude that you showed while doing it.

Well Angels' fans I think this is one of those entries were your feedback would be greatly appreciated, because there's only so much I can say in this entry since the rest is pretty self explanatory I would appreciate any thoughts and ideas on the Angels' current predicament, and this is one of those entries where discussion I think would help us understand what is going on. Go Angels!