The Angels Wild-Card Deck Contains Hunters Instead of Jokers

Post date: Sep 27, 2012 7:17:04 PM

The Angels proved last night that they still in the hunt for a Red October. Torii Hunter must be re-signed by the Angels next season! I don't care what the Angels' organization has to do, he must wear a halo next season! Give him a two year contract, a two-year contract with the club and player option after the first year. Give him whatever you need to within reason to make sure he wears red next year! He deserves a ring. I would hate to see him go to the Rangers much like Vladimir Guerrero did when the Angels thought it he had nothing left. The Rangers signing Vladimir came back to bite us, let's not make the same mistake with Torii Hunter.

It is said that a picture is worth 1000 words, so I will let the pictures finish the remaining 2000 words of this entry.

Credit: Major League Baseball,

Credit: Major League Baseball,