Angels' Pursuit of a Fourth Straight American League West Title and Postseason Officially Ends

Post date: Sep 25, 2010 7:03:41 PM

Baseball is a game of positioning, whether a team is positioned in the right place to start a double play, rob someone of a home run, or be in the right position in the standings come October. Unfortunately for the Angels the latter did not come to fruition this year as their postseason hopes were ended last night by the Chicago White Sox.

The Angels however have a lot to look forward to, next season will be their 50th anniversary as a franchise in Major League Baseball. The celebration kicked off last night and will continue through the end of next season. The modifications to the Angels' uniform are quite interesting; they are replacing the silver halo with a gold one signifying Angels' history and tradition. The Angels plan to bring back the silver halo after the anniversary season is over. The modifications will be both on the uniform and the caps, both items will also have a 50th anniversary patch on the right sleeve of the uniform and the left side of the cap. The traditional emblem that's on the left sleeve of the uniform will also have its halo replaced with a gold one.

As far as my postseason comments, I will go into details once the off season officially starts, for two reasons: one, those of you who have been avid readers of my blog already know pretty much what I believe should be the Angels' off-season plan. Two, I want to specifically comment on the Angels' transactions as they come about; for example, the winter meetings, free agent signings, and things of that nature as they happen, to allow for a more accurate and in-depth analysis.

That doesn't mean however that I'm going to stay quiet during inactive portions of the off-season. If something interesting comes along that changes the Angels course, you will hear from me before the active parts of the off-season. It all depends on how many interesting things occur.

Well Halo universe, you are probably reflecting on the Angels' season and hurting as much as I am, there won't be a postseason run this year. Our team can't make the postseason every year but this year it seemed that it would've been extra special since the focus of the entire baseball world was on the Angels for a massive period of time in the spring and summer. Maybe the end of the 50th anniversary celebration will be capped off with our second World Series Championship.