The Same Surname in the Same Position Hopefully Renders a Different Result

Post date: Oct 27, 2010 6:33:12 PM

The San Francisco 49ers are now 1-6 with the exception of the Kansas City Chiefs game, all the 49ers' losses have been very close. In past entries I put most of the blame on Alex Smith, but it seems the 49ers as a franchise have decided to focus on Mike Singletary. I hope the 49ers don't make the mistake of firing Singletary when perhaps he has been the greatest coach since Steve Mariucci. Dennis Erickson and Mike Nolan have been nearly forgettable coaches since both individuals did not bring a winning attitude to the team. The 49ers are a work in progress, and if the franchise does not surround Singletary with legitimate talent it won't matter who they have in the head coach position. Changes need to be made in regards to player personnel not the coaching staff.

It seems the 49ers have relied too much on their defense to win the game for them. This is not reflective of a field general, a quarterback. A marquee team always has a strong quarterback that leads a team to victory. The 49ers had such quarterbacks in Joe Montana, and Steve Young. Alex Smith is simply not that type of quarterback and neither is David Carr. Unfortunately it took an injury to Alex Smith who is out with a sprained shoulder for the next 4-6 weeks to force the 49ers to make a change at quarterback. Hopefully former Heisman Trophy winner, Troy Smith can turn the franchise around.