The Rejuvenation of Ram Vitality

Post date: Apr 14, 2020 3:48:16 AM

Humans perceive the world in a very unique way. We use color to distinguish and identify all the intricacies of the world around us. The use of color can often lead to a distinct identity of an individual, location, person, object or idea. It is this identity that describes who we are and what we are all about. The recent phenomenon of the Corona virus has led us as a society to change the way we perceive these colors, and what they mean to us have created an entirely new definition.

I am a big sports fan, and the lack of sports due to the Corona virus has changed my routine, and my ability to relax and enjoy life. However, it has also given me the time to reflect in ways that I always thought possible but never bothered exploring.

I am lifelong San Francisco 49ers fan, and although this is true the Corona virus has allowed me to explore other events in the world of sports. Recently the Los Angeles Rams changed their color scheme and logo to better fit their restoration to Los Angeles. They changed their logo entirely and for the most part went back to their classic color scheme of Royal Blue and Sunshine Yellow restoring their identity as the Los Angeles Rams. I love the fact that the Rams decided to break completely free from the Saint Louis colors just as they had broken completely free from the colors of Los Angeles.

Saint Louis Color Scheme on the Left, Retro Los Angeles Color Scheme on the Right.

Although, I agree with the changes in the color scheme I really dislike the logo. The changes in the logo create the divide between the culture, history, identity and legacy of the team pre the Saint Louis relocation and post the move back to Los Angeles. It’s this divide that their logo creates that I believe fractures their legacy as a team, and prohibits fans from uniting behind the team. In contrast to the connection between the colors there’s nothing similar in the new logo that bridges back to the old.

I find myself inadvertently supporting the Rams even though I am a 49ers fan. For 21 years the city of Los Angeles was without a team. They were without a representative to the NFL - no banner, no flag, no identity to call their own. It was this hiatus in the NFL that made fans like me recognize the necessity for a team in Los Angeles and this is precisely why the restoration of the colors of the Los Angeles Rams is so important.

It is my sincere hope that the Rams along with the NFL reconsider the changes to the logo to in some way repair the fracture that now exists. Ultimately, it’s the perception of these colors and identity that hopefully can reconcile the strange world that we live in at this moment and gives us back a sense of normality because color is after all the way we perceive the world, the way we create our culture and identity.