The Angels Lose Their Seventh Game In A Row; Here Is What They Need To Get Straight To Stop From Pushing It To Eight

Post date: Aug 11, 2010 3:33:45 AM

The Angels were swept two series in a row, could the Angels be returning to the lovable losers of the 1980s? No, of course not, it is an 162 game season. Remember 2002? They didn't start so hot, they won the World Series. We're still very early in the season so there's no need to panic just yet. However, there are some changes that the Angels need to enact in my opinion to stop this losing streak from ballooning to eight.

The Angels need to think about benching Brandon Wood, I really like the kid; he has promising power, however, with the Angels in a very deep in a hole right now we have no time to sit back and develop players. If we were eight games ahead in the American League West then okay, let's develop the kid, but as of now we are 3 1/2 games back in a very competitive division, the Angels can't waste any time in reclaiming the division lead. They need to put the right pieces in place to put themselves back on the winning track, replace Wood with Maicer Izturis at third base, put him in the lineup as the lead-off man since Erick Aybar has been struggling, having arguably our two fastest guys as bookends in the lineup would possibly increase our chances of getting on base and putting pressure on the opposing team since base running used to be a strength of the Angels, running the bases well is not only contagious, but a hallmark of Angels baseball. We still have the personnel to play our brand of baseball the only difference is that now we have some added power with the successful development of Kendry Morales the power and veteran experience of Torii Hunter and the acquisition of Hideki Matsui and the presence of Juan Rivera.

The Angels definitely need to reorganize the bullpen which I outlined in my previous entry. I have faith in Fernando Rodney and Kevin Jepsen but no one else in the bullpen really stands out, to me the bullpen really needs to find out where they are, It doesn't help that the team's Earned Run Average as a pitching staff is 5.23 worst in the American League.

The Angels have been outscored 24 to 11 in the last seven games, that just won't get it done, no wonder they were swept in the last two series. 11 runs isn't bad the offense is doing okay, but for for the pitching staff to give up 24 runs over seven games is disastrous. Our offense hypothetically could be the best in the major leagues, but if a pitching staff is giving up a little more than double the runs that the offense produces they are not going to win, I don't care if all the spots in the lineup are filled with Hall of Fame players.

Well Angels' fans that's all for today, I can't help but wonder what solutions you may have please add any information that you think may clear up this puzzling performance by the Angels over the last seven games. Eight is far from great.