The Angels' Fans Need to Secure the Angels All-Star Present and the Angels Organization Needs to Secure Their All-Star Future

Post date: Aug 11, 2010 4:17:53 AM

Man, there's so much talk about today that I am having trouble figuring out where to start and keep this entry somewhat concise. I guess I can start with the most pressing issue and that is the Angels representation at this year's All-Star Game, we are hosting the event and yet have no Angels voted in as starters yet. I hope this fact changes and we get as many Angels into the All-Star Game as we can. I encourage all of you who haven't yet done so, to vote, vote Angels, and vote often. Jared Weaver and Torii Hunter lead my list of All-Stars that should be selected, one must not forget about Kendry Morales who should be voted in, although his selection would be mostly symbolic since he is injured and is out for the rest of the season. There are several Angels that deserve the All-Star nod only time will tell how many of them get in, it would be a travesty that the team is hosting the game has little representation. The Angels need the support of the fan base now more than ever!

Now on to the wonderful world of baseball transactions, which most fans refer to as a hot stove, the Angels have a unique opportunity for the trade deadline and in the off-season. For those of you that read my previous entry already know my feelings on Carl Crawford so I'm not going to rehash that issue at this particular point in time. I may pick up the issue in the off-season. But suddenly the Seattle Mariners have made Cliff Lee available the Angels should think about maybe making the deal for Lee, he would be a less expensive alternative to Roy Oswalt, but I highly doubt that the Seattle Mariners would be willing to trade Lee to a division rival. Again, the Angels should only trade for him if and only if they are able to sign him to a long-term deal, the same would apply to Crawford.

The Angels have a wonderful and elite minor league system, and they should be very proud of how would they run their system. However, if given the opportunity to acquire quality players the Angels should take advantage of these opportunities as much as they can. After all, it is a mix of young talent and veterans that create championship teams. Tony Reagins and the Angels organization often rely too much on their farm system, although why believe they have the best farm system and the farm system management in on a baseball they need to find ways to attract caliber talent as well.

I could expand on both of the issues with reckless abandon since there's no limit to how and what I feel about this team, but I guess every die-hard fan feels a passion and love for their team that is unmatched. I think that is all for now, as people comment how we glad to expand on their specific points. Remember, let's get as many Angels into the All-Star Game as we can. Go Angels!