A Football Game is 60 Minutes Long Not 59

Post date: Sep 30, 2010 7:37:19 PM

The Bears controlled last Saturday's football game for 59 minutes with a tenacious defense and a will to win, too bad the offense didn't feel the same way, the Bears lost the game 10-9. Cal's kicker missed two easy field goals that would've sealed the victory for the Bears, Arizona scored in the final minute of the game which ruined a nearly perfect defensive effort by the Bears.

An absent offense got the Bears in trouble. I question Kevin Reilly's decision-making during the game. it seems that he lacks the touch needed to deliver the balls into the receiver's hands. He tends to overthrow balls to wide-open receivers. We all know that he has a cannon for an arm but sometimes one needs a precision instrument rather than a cannon.

Over the last few years the Bears' strength has been the running game but how does one go about helping the running backs, when the team can not keep the opposing defense on their toes, by competing a few passes to our dynamic receivers such as Allen and Jones, it forces the defense to respect the passing game and ultimately opening the running lanes for our running backs.

Kevin Reilly is a senior, he has been starting since his sophomore year, one would think he would know how to deliver a ball with some touch, granted, the line that protects Kevin Reilly is not the same big dominant line that we've had in past years. Coach Tedford and the coaching staff need to find a way to negate these problems and give Kevin Reilly time to throw while at the same time Kevin Reilly needs to find a way to put more touch on the ball thereby increasing his accuracy.

This week the Bears have a bye, and next week we face UCLA who upset number seven-ranked Texas soundly. The competition in the Pacific 10 conference should be an interesting one. I still believe that if the Bears correct their shortcomings they will have a legitimate opportunity to capture the Pacific 10 title.