This Year, the Baseball Diamond Will Not be the Only Diamond on the Field

The dawn of a new baseball season is approaching. This is the time of year where excitement is high, the anticipation of the sun rising on all 30 teams is hard to contain for all fans of baseball. One can feel the excitement in the air; the lively discussion between fans of rival teams, it is this time a year where everyone has a crystal ball that they hope will be one hundred percent accurate by the end of the season.

It is the 60th anniversary of the Angels franchise; I am old enough to remember the Angels 25th anniversary. For me, these milestones are very special. I come from a generation that remembers the Angels not always being competitive much less contenders. I’m glad to see that through the years that has changed.

For the Angels’ fan base, this anniversary brings extra excitement around the team; the Halos have gone back to the style of baseball that I personally love, speed, and base running pressure, I believe this is especially appropriate since it is, after all, the Angels’ diamond anniversary. A diamond is created from immense pressure; I find it appropriate that the style of play reflects the theme of the anniversary. The offense looks spectacular, the pitching although it has improved slightly, is still, in my opinion, this team’s weakest link. Hopefully, the base running pressure can offset an issue that the Angels have struggled to resolve over the years.

Tonight, spring training comes home to Angel Stadium where the Angels will host the defending World Series Champions Los Angeles Dodgers. (As an Angels’ fan I feel the need to use mouthwash every time I say that. This is a product of the beautiful rivalry over the years.) If the Angels can remedy their pitching issues, I would love to see an Angels and Dodgers World Series.

I feel the excitement in the energy of the impending dawn; my skin anxiously awaits the revitalization of the baseball sun, the whistling of the baseball as it travels between the pitcher and the catcher. However before all this can happen we all will hear the two most beautiful words in the English language this time of year, “play ball!”.